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MEET UP “Gender equality in the field of criminal law and procedure”


On December 18, 2019, the первое заседание of the Committee on Gender Policy at the NAAU “Gender equality in the field of criminal law and process: problems and risks. The look of female lawyer”. Managing partner Olga Prosyanyuk was the initiator and moderator of the event.

The first of a series of meetings in the Committee’s meet-up format was distinguished by the topic and speakers. In criminal law, different reactions happen in male colleagues, clients, and opponents when a woman acts as a criminal lawyer.

Therefore, female lawyers were invited by speakers at different stages of the career path, from the student period to managerial positions.

Olga Prosyanyuk, Managing Partner, Head of the National Bar Association of Ukraine of Gender Policy Committee:

“As a result of the discussion speakers and all participants announced the following conclusions;
  •  not all-male clients agree to work with a woman lawyer the first time, but after the first working result, in most cases, their opinion changes dramatically;
  • the perception of gender equality is closely dependent on education and behavioural;
  • gender equality exists at the Bar and there are practically no conflicts between female and male colleagues;
  • law enforcement officers are more loyal to female lawyers during the criminal proceedings;
  • despite the situations of violations of gender equality, demonstration of professionalism is always an effective way out of such situations.

Our meeting was warm, useful and unusual in format!”

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