02 April 2021 of the year

AVER LEX defended the principle of innocence in the Supreme Court

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Representatives of law enforcement agencies disseminate false information quite often, calling a person guilty before the court decides in high-profile cases. You could hear such comments from top officials in public speakings.

‘By doing so, they knowingly violate the principle of innocence, misleading the public and Ukraine foreign partners. Their acts are a gross violation. In most of these cases, these people have never been prosecuted’ – partner Igor Fedorenko commented.

The resulting result

The AVER LEX team of attorneys actively defended their position on the inadmissibility of such statements in all courts. Step by step, they proved that the impunity of law enforcement officers, whose words have an impact on public opinion, can have negative consequences for ensuring human rights and freedoms.

As a result, the Supreme Court supported their position and ordered the High Council of Justice to consider the complaint about bringing the ex-Prosecutor General to disciplinary responsibility for disseminating false news.

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Partner , council , attorney Ivan Oskolkov, and senior lawyer Sergiy Nevmerzhitsky fought in compliance with the principle of innocence.

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