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Initiation Group on advocates rights defence created

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For today advocates, while defending the Client, systematically face a rude violation of their professional rights, and many of them face frequent encroachments on their safety, property and dwellings.

That is why, in order to create effective methods of self-defence in case of violation of advocates’ rights and guarantees of advocacy, with the purpose to provide safety to advocates during their professional activity, an Initiation Group on advocates’ rights defence has been created, which combined representatives of advocating self-governing bodies, leadingspecialised organisations and famous advocates. Advocate and Managing Partner Olga Prosyanyuk has become the head of the Group.

On March 21, 2016, at the office of AVER LEX Attorneys at Law the first working meeting was organised, where the membership of the group, direction of activity and the plan of primary actions were discussed.

The resulting result

In the result of the first meeting a decision was taken to hold a public registry of violations of advocate’s rights with a maximum public disclosure of indicated facts; to suggest changes to a current legislation which would equal the procedural status of an advocate with a representative of a law-enforcement body; to organise direct actions, to organise press-conferences, and a range of other decisions was also taken.

We suggest learning all the examined and taken decisions in the protocol of the meeting.

Detailed information on the work of the Initiation Group you can receive by the following contacts:

  • Anastasiya Sych, PR-coordinator of AVER LEX Attorneys at Law (044) 300 11 51, sych@averlex.com.ua
  • Yaryna Dunay, Legislative work coordinator of the Ukrainian Bar Association (044) 492 88 48, legal@uba.ua
  • Anna Aksyonova, Director Executive of the Advocates’ Association of Ukraine 067-441-10-27, aksenova@uaa.org.ua

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Возгавіла групу адвокат, managing Partner Olga Prosyanyuk .

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