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About us

about us

AVER LEX Attorneys at Law is a leading Ukrainian firm in defence in criminal cases. We represent the interests of military personnel, corporate clients and government officials in complicated, high-profile cases.

Our team comprises 30 experienced lawyers headed by eminent partners recognized as Ukrainian and international legal market leaders.


We protect our clients against any illegal actions of opponents based solely on the provisions of the law and international quality standards.

Due to the non-standard approach and unique defence strategies, we do not fear being in criminal proceedings with unusual occurrences or no similar cases in Ukraine.

about us



White-Collar Crime

‘White-Collar’ cases are in which government officials, owners and top management of businesses can be involved. The lawyers defend the Clients’ interest in investigating corruption cases, fraud, illegal monetary transactions, tax evasion, false declaration and other circumstances for financial gain.


Appeals of sanctions and asset recovery procedures

The practice of sanctions with subsequent recovery of assets into state income is dynamically changing. At the same time, not only persons who threaten national security can fall under this complex instrument, but also residents of Ukraine who are co-owners or managers of problem assets and whose rights may be violated in this way.


Protection of business

Business and investors are often exposed to external and internal risks in Ukraine. On a regular basis, there are cases of illegal criminal prosecution by law enforcement and regulatory agencies on their own initiative or competitors, attempts at raider seizures. Situations of corporate fraud by employees are widespread.


Legal protection of military personnel

Our military servicemen are defending Ukraine 24/7. We have transformed our team according to our present needs and institutionalized the practice of legal protection of military personnel.


Mobilization and Reservation

The numerous changes in legislation regarding mobilization and military registration require appropriate clarification, consultations, and legal assistance to ensure the needs of the front and the protection of the interests of the military liable for military service.



Protection of interests in court is necessary to resolve many corporate, economic, labor and other conflicts. At the same time, there are frequent cases of initiation of simultaneous criminal and civil proceedings for the implementation of comprehensive protection.
Most often, these are lawsuits on the protection of honor and dignity, refutation of inaccurate information, compensation for material and moral damage, recognition of dismissal as illegal and reinstatement, protection from raider seizures, invalidation of actions and decisions of civil servants, and others.


Legal Support for E-Declaration

E-declaration procedure has been supplemented with rules that complicate an already complex process. Therefore, as before, the subjects of declaration may deal with negative consequences of declaration checks and risks of accusations of non-compliance with anti-corruption legislation.


Crypto Asset Recovery

In Ukraine, the crypto market is gaining momentum. Anybody from any country can try e-commerce without relying on cross-border conventions because the nationality or jurisdiction of the players does not matter for the crypto market. However, cryptocurrency owners can often become the object of fraudulent or provocative actions, accompanied by various ways of hiding the traces of their actions and further legalization of illegally obtained assets.



Olga Prosyanyuk

Managing partner

Vitaliy Serdyuk

Senior Partner

Artem Drozdov


Volodymyr Yenich


Why choose us

Niche area of law practice

We decided to be the best in one area than just good in all areas

Quick response

We act quickly and effectively in critical situations

Consistent and comprehensive defense

We are capable of providing defense in cases
with several persons of interest, episodes or regions simultaneously

Personal involvement of partners

Every project is overseen by one or several partners of the firm

PR-enhancement of defense

Active work of the team with mass media
strengthens the position in the case

Partners all across the world

Powerful partnership network ensures successful work on multi-jurisdiction projects

We are proud

The most famous and mentioned international rating, a key landmark beacon, a world quality mark

Dispute resolution: White-collar crime

  • AVER LEX is the leader among firms (Band 1)
  • Olga Prosyanyuk, Vitaly Serdyuk and Artem Drozdov leaders among lawyers

Авторитетне дослідження, яке визначає найбільш досвідчених та інноваційних лідерів практик в різних країнах за 20 років

Business Crime Defence

  • Ольга Просянюк стала першим українським адвокатом, відміченим в сфері Business Crime Defence
  • Віталій Сердюк відмічений у виключному списку українських адвокатів в сфері Business Crime Defence

Щорічне міжнародне дослідження світового юридичного ринку

White-Collar Crime

  • AVER LEX is the leader among firms (Tier 1)
  • Olga Prosyanyuk, Vitaly Serdyuk and Artem Drozdov leaders among lawyers